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Star ChuckNorris
Are Hero Chuck tel ur Chuck Norris joks here and hope he doesnt find out about it or he will round house kick us lol

Group Founder: docter01
Group Type: Public join
Members: 19
Category: Fun > Jokes

Topics (11)

go chuck and the girls (1) jellykat
go Chuck Norris is tough (4) skittlz
go Chuck Norris Is A Virgin (0) emog
go Joke1 (2) docter01
go anutha chuck joke (6) hangpop
go Joke2 (3) docter01
go Death (0) docter01
go Ur frend Chuck (1) docter01
go Are frend chuck (3) docter01
go Chuck Norris IS the burger king. (1) skittlz
go Joke3 (1) docter01

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