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Subject: Joke1
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docter01 7/14/2006 - 8:43:32
Since 1940 the year Chuck Norris was born roundhouse related deaths have increased with 13.000persent *

skittlz 7/19/2006 - 3:50:38
Just a few more stats, since his birth, -mustache related deaths are up 138 -animal spirit injuries are up 200 -justice has increased 600 -and on the same day he was born he became the first person to single-handedly bust an entire drug cartel. Which he would then proceed to do 862 more times by age 30. *

emog 3/8/2007 - 1:31:19
Chuck Norris: Stronger Than Superman, Faster Than The Flash, More Patriotic Than Captain America, Has Had s*x With More Girls Than Every Member Of Motley Crue Combined, Has A Better Roundhouse Than Jet Li, Has A Bigger Mustache Than David Allen Coe, And More Jokes Made About Him Than Captain Underpants, And Still Has Time To Kick Ass. *

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