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Subject: anutha chuck joke
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hangpop 10/2/2006 - 3:58:47
Chuck Norris once drank a whole bottle of sleeping pills. He blinked. *

skittlz 11/5/2006 - 5:22:01
Chuck Norris dosen't sleep...he waits *

emog 3/7/2007 - 2:58:49
Chuck Norris Once Walked Into A Mcdonalds And Ordered A Whopper With Cheese And Got It *

emog 3/7/2007 - 3:00:00
Chuck Norris Invented Water *

emog 3/7/2007 - 3:03:21
Chuck Norris Once Roundhouse Kicked A Horse And To This Day Its Decendendents Are Known As Giraffes *

emog 3/7/2007 - 3:06:44
Chuck Norris Was Once Sparring With Wolverine And His Left Nut Was Chopped Off And To This Day It Is Known As Jupiter *

emog 3/7/2007 - 3:10:41
This One Is Kinda Bad If You Are Offended By It Send Me Lots Off Hate Mail. The Only Person To Survive A Roundhouse From Chuck Norris Was Christopher Reeve. *

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